London Metropolitan University, also known as London Met, is one of the most reputed educational institutions in the UK for higher studies. Located in the scenic city of London, the university has various campuses in different parts of the city including a few libraries and a museum.

Even though its roots go back to 1848, it gained popularity after the amalgamation of London Guildhall University and the University of North London in 2002. Aside from a distinct background in polytechnic studies, this institution draws students for the Frederick Parker Collection and Irish Studies Collection in its libraries.

The institution also went through a notable course change in 2011. The total number of courses was reduced from 557 to 160, which was a drastic transition. Further, the semester system was switched to an annual module for offering students additional guidance before the final tests.

Let’s find out the top 5 courses offered by London Met:

1. Masters in Criminology

Even though there are hundreds of occupations in the world that bring money and prestige to professionals, certain job roles require a definitive quality to understand mindsets. If you are one of those people, then a Master’s degree in Criminology is the optimal course choice for you.

London Metropolitan University offers a part-time postgraduate course in Criminology that lasts for two years. Majoring in this discipline lets you build an understanding of how criminal minds are drawn to felonies. In addition, you also get to perform research in this domain.

2. Bachelors in Marketing

The word ‘Marketing’ sounds quite arbitrary, but career options in this field are limitless. As a budding professional, you can make both money and fame with a clear understanding of how businesses should reach their audiences.

This full-time bachelor’s course in marketing lasts for three years, during which you get to study numerous marketing challenges confronted by leading businesses. Other than this, you will also learn problem-solving skills and industry-oriented methodologies that help businesses survive tough market situations.

3. Bachelors in International Relations

Bachelor in International Relations isn’t just any regular 3-year program offered by London Metropolitan University. It is a full-fledged training and expertise program which can be seen as an initiative to assist students to make a career in global relations. Over three years, you learn much more than just diplomacy, conflict resolving, and peacemaking.

4. Masters in Biomedical Science

A master’s degree in biomedical science can assist curious learners to discover the origins of common diseases and make remarkable scientific developments throughout a career in the field. Apart from finding potential cures for worldwide diseases, you also get to enhance your knowledge in medical genetics, diagnostic pathology, and epidemiology.

5. Bachelors in Architecture

Throughout the three years of your graduation, you will discover descriptive combinations of architectural design works, formal structure planning, field practice, and common patterns used in commercial designs.

This specific course in Architecture is also overviewed by the Metropolitan Architecture Student Society (MASS), which manages social events and related interview drives on the campus. It is a full-time course. You should pass high school to take admission to this course.

Conclusion – If you are interested in the above courses or want to explore other majors, London Metropolitan University can be the best place to apply. This top-ranking institution is renowned for investing more than £700,000 every year in numerous scholarship programs that cover academic excellence, sports disciplines, etc.

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