In the last 10 to 15 years, a fresh piece of fixtures has been developed to fill a new need in the marketplace, & that is a laptop table. In several ways, this piece of furniture is reminiscent of a lapboard or lunch tray. But the range of styles of a laptop desk is way more luxury, and occasionally quite different than either of these added items.

First, there is the basic “tray” style laptop table, good for using while sitting in a chair or support up in bed (or lying down if it has a tilting, adaptable top). There are lots of different designs just within this subcategory of laptop tables. I have seen somewhere a portion of the table is adaptable, tilting up at different angles to make using your laptop handier. This is great for relieving neck & back strain, making you, as the user, comfier.

Generally next to the adaptable part of the table is a flat area for using your mouse. Several even have a built-in mouse pad. The leg height on most models is also adaptable. We have seen this style in wood, metal, and complex plastic, and also in a range of price ranges. A few we have seen very smooth and stylish lines and others are very utilitarian. Most are fairly light and some even fold away for simple storage. However this style is designed for use with a laptop computer, it can be used for a range of other activities such as research, crafts, reading & meals.

 Possibly the more modern design has been the mobile laptop desk. These frequently have lockable casters so that you can effortlessly move the desk to where you are working & then lock it in place. The height is totally adjustable and most have a tilting portion for the PC. This part will have a little ledge to stop the computer from sliding off the desktop. We have even seen some that have a little shelf on the bottom, which could be used for a printer. There is generally a single pedestal leg that has other legs coming off of it with the casters.

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These are generally very low to the floor, that way they can slide under a chair allowing simpler access to the workspace. Many I have seen with the adaptable tilt will tilt in either direction, which let for left or right-hand access & use of the laptop desk. Several designs have two adaptable tabletop areas, one for the laptop and the other for the mouse; this is great for crucial adjustability and compatibility for the user. This style also comes in a range of materials, counting metal and wood, and frequently a combination of both.

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