Owning a top-quality KTM dirt bike is something that every biker dreams of because of the unmatched performance it delivers. There is nothing like using a super-efficient and sturdy dirt bike model from the renowned brand KTM for off-roading purposes. No matter how rocky is the trail; you will feel utmost comfort while riding your KTM dirt bike.

However, over time, dirt bikes start looking weary and lose their attractiveness if riders continue going on off-road trails. Hence, to make sure that your seasoned two-wheeler continues to grab eyeballs, it’s wise to install KTM MX graphics. Indeed, installing a dirt bike graphics kit correctly can be a daunting chore, but if you succeed in doing so, your bike will get a facelift instantly.

Here are the steps you need to follow while putting motocross decals on the exterior part of a KTM dirt bike.

Collect and Keep Requisite Tools Handy

It is crucial to gather and keep all tools necessary for installing graphics within hand’s reach. Starting to apply the motocross graphics without using the required tools is not sensible, and you might end up compromising the alignment precision.

Stand – Make use of a stable and robust stand to ensure that your KTM dirt bike remains in its position while you conduct the graphics installation procedure.

Alcohol-based Adhesive Remover – Do not forget to gather an alcohol-based adhesive remover. Using this specific solution will help you get rid of the sticky, stubborn residue from the existing decals on your dirt bike plastic. Even if you do not have any graphics installed, still use this remover to make the surface ready.

Dry Cloth – Use a dry microfiber cloth to get rid of accumulated dirt and dust from your dirt bike’s surface. You will have to make sure that the surface is smooth enough and ready for the graphics installation process.

Heat Gun – One of the essential tools is a heat gun because it plays an instrumental role in strengthening the bond between the plastic and the adhesive. A heat gun aids in moulding the sticker. In case you do not have a heat gun, you can use a hairdryer.

Dirt Bike Plastic Preparation

KTM Adventure Off Road Decal Kits

Strip the existing graphics (if there are any) carefully in order to avoid issues with the adhesive. After taking the already installed decals off, clean the plastic well using an adhesive remover. Do so to ensure there’s no sticky residue on the surface of your KTM off-road bike. Before installing the new KTM Adventure graphics, make sure that there are no traces of dust and sticky substances on the surface.

Application of the New Decals

While performing the dirt bike graphics installation, you have to ensure that the temperature of the room is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Ensuring so will give you peace of mind because you will know that there won’t be any problem with the adhesive. Next, use a tape to attach the new decals with the paper on to its allocated parts.

The dirt bike decals installation steps are pretty simple and hassle-free. However, you need to take every step correctly from first to last to give your KTM dirt bike a completely new and unique look.

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