Portrait photography is one of the most preferred ways of capturing your subject’s photograph. You can capture an outstanding portrait of a person using some techniques and add them to your portfolio. To make your portrait attractive there are so many easy-to-follow techniques that can use. These can include capturing pictures in an indoor setting, trying to capture candids more, go for close-ups, using full lighting setups and so much more.

One of the best things that you can do as a photographer is that you can take inspiration from different photographers including Steve McCurry, Lisa Kristine, David Lazar and many others. Another best source for you to get inspiration is Instagram where you can find so many photographers who upload their work.

You can use Xfinity to get access to these exceptional individuals and other people who can inspire you to get your portrait photography better. The best thing about Xfinity is that it gets internet usage affordable via Xfinity internet deals so that you can analyze the work of other photographers while you are out on your shoots. Here are a few things that can make your Portrait photography a masterpiece:

Look Into the Eyes of Your Subject

When you are doing Portrait photography you should make sure that your subject’s eyes appear to be more life-like and catchy. If you are capturing a portrait of a child, then you have to get down on their eye level so that you get a more natural posture. Likewise, if you are shooting a model, look at their eyes and make sure that you get close to them and click so that you capture their features easily and make them prominent.

Use a Simple Background

You need to scout your location when you are shooting and get the idea about the place where you want your subject to be and the objects around them. For instance, you might not want a flagpost rising above your subject’s head or there is litter or any other distractions around your subject. Also, when you are shooting indoors you need to adjust the backdrop accordingly so that you don’t have a messy click. Also, when you are shooting indoors refrain from using patterns on your backgrounds as it can hide your subject’s features and even cause distractions on your photographs. You can use a wide aperture and get the distractions out of your focus.

Use Flash Wisely When You Are Outside

It is a good idea to depending on sunlight as too bright sunlight might create ugly shadows on the face of your subject. Try using the flash from the side as this might get your image a little more dimension. If you are planning your photograph on a cloudy day then you might not need your flash.

Direct Your Shoot

Directing a shoot needs you to act like the director of your shoot. For this, you need to build effective communication with your model before the shoot and make sure that he or she is comfortable with you. You can show them the kind of poses that you expect from them and also ask about their overall experience. You can even have a look at their Instagram profile and the shoots they have done before. When your subject is comfortable with you, it becomes more of a coordinated effort which makes it easier for you to provide them with directions and take the shoot smoothly.   

Try Creating Candids

You can also try a different approach and make your subject pose better. Sometimes when you are going for candids, you get the best shots from your subjects. For instance, if you are capturing a portrait of a dancing woman, then you can ask her to dance in her flow as she dances normally, or if you are capturing a student reading from his book, you can capture him or her in that manner and so on. Be on the lookout for your required pose and capture the subject in an unplanned way and capture some natural emotions, looks and so on.

Create a Frame

When you are pointing at something to shoot and anything gets in the way of your shot, then you have to make a move and look for another spot. But that’s not always the only way. You can add color and create an interesting composition by almost anything in your surroundings. This can be a wall, an arch, a fence, or flowers. Create a frame and use these with a longer focal length and put your entire focus on your subject.

We can conclude here by saying that capturing a good portrait requires you to be a little creative and learn a few techniques. There are ample inspirations on Instagram and different tutorials that you can have a look at and learn more ways to make your portraits better.

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